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No Light Stands!

Issue 11/2012

NoLightStands, the best solution for Paintless Dent Repair- Shop Now and get rid of those extra lightstands.

Join the PDR Lighting revolution. The Atlanta Dings Lighting system has been born from more than a decade working toward quality and efficiency as a PDR tech. The introduction of LED lighting has finally allowed us to converge quality with efficiency. There is no longer a need for heavy, bulky light stands and all the complications they create. Our lighting system is thin, sleek, and light! It’s time to get past the era of the light stand, and move to a more efficient way to use lighting for paintless dent removal.

NoLightStands, designed by a PDR specialist for PDR specialists. Shop Now and get ahead of the competition.

Our lighting system is guaranteed to speed up your PDR, lessen your travel gear, and in the end, make you more money! Click here to watch our demo video to see the Atlanta Dings Lighting system in action. We believe you will be blown away by the benefits that our system will give you. Our lights can be configured to whatever effect you are familiar with. Our standard light is two LED strips (you pick bright white, soft white, or one of each) on a white acrylic lens. If you don’t see the option you want, please contact us.


image We have more than 100 testimonials from happy customers on the Web! You can find them at Kudzu.com, Angieslist.com, Yelp.com, Google Places, and other review sites. Here's a sample:

Should Have Gone to Hayes First!

I had a nice size dent left from a cart and I thought I had to get it fixed at a body shop until I reached out to Hayes. He provided a quote after I texted him a picture of the damage. I live & work beyond Hayes' area of service, but he gave me a discount for going to him. He couldn't guarantee that it would be 100% but he got really close. You wouldn't even know there was a dent there unless you were looking really hard and knew where to look. Thank you Hayes! Amazing Job!


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