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Real-World training in the Art of paintless dent removal

We offer a training program that is geared toward retail dent removal. The world of retail dent removal includes serving the public directly, or through body shops and other service centers. This includes repairing door dings, all kinds of minor dents, and hail damage.

Why Train With Dings?

After more than a decade in the paintless dent removal industry we have found again and again, that what is being offered in the training industry is sub-par. Over the years we have interviewed countless people who have had had bad experiences in the training that they received. We believe that while other companies are over-promising and under-delivering, we have developed a training program that will simply put you on the road to success!

The Hard Truth

We don’t want to talk you into learning PDR. There is enough information on the internet that can persuade you of that. We are going to give you the actual earnings of a successful PDR technician that we believe will impress you, but first you need to know the hard part. Paintless dent repair is probably the hardest thing you will ever learn. Most people who go to short training classes fail to ever get into the industry. The reason for this is that you have to be very good at dents just to start making money. We liken it to learning to paint portraits of people for a living. Nobody wants to pay you to paint a picture that “sort of looks like them”. Its got to be good! And it takes a lot of practice to get good at paintless dent removal! The best thing that you could have going for you is to have no other option than learning dents. If you’ve got a backup job, there’s a good chance that you’ll give up dent repair in frustration, and go back to your other job. If you are going to make it in PDR, you’ve got to dive in head first. It will take many, many hours of practice to get good enough to start making money. Some PDR training companies will tell you that you will leave a one week class already pushing dents to sellable quality. This is dishonest. Yes, you might be able to push an easy dent. But people don’t generally ask us to push easy dents in the real world! People don’t pay you to fix easy dents! Please think long and hard before you jump in. You’ve got to commit yourself to a long hard process. It will be worth it in the end!

The Good Stuff

The paintless dent removal industry is still growing. In the decade that we have been in business, we have seen the retail industry boom, as more and more of the public has become aware of our service. Rather than show you a chart of what is possible based on prices and number of repairs, we can say for sure that our highest producing tech pushed $214,000 in dents in 2011, a newer tech pushed $75,000. This was done in the Atlanta market, without chasing hail around the country. This did not come easy. We spent a lot of money advertising, and have spent 10 years in Atlanta building a great reputation. Please know that at Dings you will be learning from a master dent technician who’s veteran training abilities have been proven over and over throughout the years. Our goal is to help you learn the art of PDR and help you move into this incredible business as seamlessly as possible!

IMPORTANT FACTS About Our Program • Our focus in training is to pour as much information into each individual trainee as they are able to benefit from. Each trainee is given far beyond what they are able to digest in a two week period and will continue to remember various aspects from their training as they absorb more and more with practice and application. And although each trainee leaves with a different skill level, each and every trainee will leave with the satisfaction that they learned as much as they could in the allotted time given in their training period and with the confidence that we will continue to support them as they move forward into the art of Paintless Dent Removal.

Our Training Philosophy

We know that learning paintless dent removal takes more than one or two weeks. Many companies claim to get you to some claimed marker in a week, and somehow claim victory when they meet their marker. Honestly, we can only get you on “the road to success” in one or two weeks. We can show you the skills, get you practicing properly, and teach you to recognize the mistakes that you will be making in the future. We’ve talked to students who have gone to schools that made big claims, and we are not impressed with the results. Their are no magic shortcuts. Success is 10% inspiration, and 90% perspiration! Our proven teaching system has have found some major keys to help you in the learning process and reduce the learning curve. Learning to use the knockdown properly and expertly is key in PDR, especially repairing large dents. Understanding the dent, and working backwards is key also. Locating the tool is always a major aspect of PDR, but there is so much more to PDR than just learning to see your tool! We use our proven series of steps that take you through the process in an order that helps you understand why you are doing what you are doing, in order to get the best finished product in the shortest amount of time.

More on Tools

Many training companies sell their own dent removal tools. We have not been very impressed with some of these. Paintless dent removal tools have advanced incredibly in the last two decades. Just bending some metal bars doesn’t cut it any more. We have decided that we can benefit you most by giving you the opportunity to work with tools from various manufacturers, and choose to buy the ones you like most. We have a handful of favorite companies that make tools for various requirements and budgets. You’ll leave training with catalogs, and We will help you make an informed decision when purchasing the tools that will suit you best. On average a trainee may spend between $1500 and $2000 dollars to meet their tool needs.

Training Concepts

Panel Access, Knockdown usage, Using lights and boards, Highs and Lows, How metal works, Working Aluminum, Large dent repair, Sharp Dents, Creases, Business Marketing, Planning For Success, Hail Damage, Glue Pulling, Softening Your Tip, Using heat, Blending Dents, on Curved Panels, Pricing, and the occasional Drilling.

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